GDG Opens its First Office in Downtown Charleston

Many big companies got their start with a few people in a garage but not Good Done Great. In fact, Earl and David, Good Done Great’s founders, like to joke that GDG’s beginnings were so humble that they were two guys who didn’t even have a garage. They worked from home, David in Tacoma, WA and Earl in Charleston, SC.

No one can accuse us of being conventional, though. David liked doing his development work at a standing desk, while Earl performed product demos and conducted client calls propped up in his bed. Earl would joke that he was working so hard he was getting bedsores.

Until now, all our team members have been working from home, but as we’ve been growing, we decided that it makes more sense to have an office for people to collaborate in person. We’re excited to open our first office at the Charleston Digital Corridor, and The Post and Courier even did a little write up about it too. You can read it here.