is Live and Ready to Start a Giving Revolution

I’m so excited to announce the launch of, our first step toward a new comprehensive platform for givers. This first release is geared toward serving the tens of thousands of nonprofits that our partner corporations and their employees support. Nonprofits can now claim their profiles, update their information, view and download donor and disbursement information, and more.

With the launch of, we are putting into the practice what we started when we formed our hybrid organization with DonateWell, our 501(c)(3) donor advised fund, last fall. This new for-profit/nonprofit organization advances what we began in becoming a B Corporation one step further toward legally instituting that we are a purpose driven organization that does good by doing great.

There were several factors that came together in the creation of First there was the concept that Earl and I developed to better serve employees with a centralized way to manage their giving. Then came the acquisition of the IP which laid the technological foundation for our platform. Speaking of foundations, the conversion of Foundation into the DonateWell donor advised fund was a crucial step toward providing employees with the means to make tax-deductible donations in a centralized way. Finally, came the amazing engineering and UX effort of our product and engineering team led by Paul McElhinney.

For now, is just serving the nonprofits, but the giving revolution has just begun, so watch this space!