Eliminating Friction and Maximizing Impact through Intuitive Technology

At Good Done Great, we talk about efficiency a lot- in particular the efficiencies gained through the utilization of cloud-based technology for corporate philanthropy programs.

In fact, GDG was one of the early proponents and implementors of Project Streamline, an initiative of the Grants Managers Network, aimed at eliminating friction for the grant-maker and grant-seeker.

When applying for funding, nonprofits spend an exorbitant amount of time searching for grant opportunities, completing the application, and reporting upon their funding. Occasionally this expenditure of time will lead to a net negative impact upon society if the number of resources expended on completing the grant outweigh the dollar amount of the grant.

Good Done Great’s co-founder, Earl Bridges, created a tool for nonprofits to measure this impact so that organizations can determine prior to applying whether or not this is a worthwhile opportunity. Grant-making entities can also utilize the tool to determine the actual impact their funding has upon society. (Some of the results we found were shocking!)

Utilizing the principles of Project Streamline, GDG developed an intuitive grants-management system. This tool responds based upon the answers of the potential grantees and either moves them through the application process or eliminates them so they do not spend time applying for a grant award which they will not receive.

Our experience extends to employee engagement professionals and workplace giving programs. In order to inspire giving, we must make giving easier. Think about the last time you filled out a timesheet or expense report. The task is time-consuming, boring, and feels like work. Is that how you want your giving to feel?

GDG is adamant that workplace giving should feel like giving and not feel like work. The way to get there is by removing friction from workplace giving programs and making them feel like a giving program should.

Throughout the implementation process with our clients, we ask ourselves questions such as:

  • How can we increase the workflow automation for their matching-gift program by 75%?
  • How can we increase reporting accuracy by 35%?
  • How can we increase non-profit online engagement by 50%

With giving made frictionless, your employees will be apt to give and therefore give more, continuing to contribute to the well-being of the communities in which your company lives, works, and plays.