Volunteer ideas for the entire family that your kids will love

Family volunteer ideas

Nothing quite beats summer vacation with seemingly endless days filled with sun and fun. Beyond the summer reading list and occasional week at camp, a great way to occupy a child’s time is with volunteering! This post explores the importance of volunteering as a family and family volunteer ideas. 

By instilling the practice of volunteering in our children from a young age, they will be apt to volunteer as adults. This practice will boost their self-confidence, increase their knowledge about their community, and broaden their horizons.

If you are ready to start your family on your do-good journey, here are ten family volunteer ideas:

  • Socialize adoptable dogs and cats at your local animal shelter – If you find an animal you love, consider fostering him or her!
  • Pack or sort food at a local food pantry – This is an easy project that educates children about hunger in your community.
  • Conduct a donation drive – Assist your child in collecting shoes or socks for the homeless in your community. Drop them off together at your local shelter.
  • Serve food at a soup kitchen – If your children are older, volunteer at your local soup kitchen. This activity will showcase the struggles of individuals in your backyard.
  • Collect trash at a local park or beach – This is the perfect project for children of all ages. Don’t forget to weigh your trash, so you know your impact!
  • Support a child overseas – “Adopt” a child in a developing country and support him or her through monthly donations. Your child can write letters to the child you support. This opportunity will open a child’s eyes to the lives of children in other parts of the world.
  • Host a bake sale and donate the proceeds to charity – Allow your child to help out in the kitchen and choose the charity the funds support!
  • Create gift packages for soldiers overseas – Gather together supplies for soldiers serving overseas. Your child can decorate a card with well wishes.
  • Serve Meals on Wheels to seniors – Deliver a hot meal to a senior citizen in your community.
  • Assist families at the Ronald McDonald House – Volunteer alongside your older children at the Ronald McDonald House. Your service will benefit families during their time of need.

Each of these activities will introduce the importance of service to your children. With consistent volunteering, they will dedicate themselves to improving the world around them.

What does family volunteering mean for corporate volunteer coordinators?

With work and family life continuing to intersect, allowing families to participate in corporate volunteer programs will boost overall participation. Furthermore, with more individuals volunteering, you will increase your volunteer numbers and your community impact.

Engaging families in volunteer activities lays the groundwork for a well-functioning society. If we groom our children now to be volunteers, they will continue to give back throughout their life.