From Detroit to Burma: The Story of a Clean Birth Kit

As a tech-enabled CSR company that prioritizes strategy first, many of our clients approach us expressing their desire to go global with their corporate philanthropy programs. And who wouldn’t? With a global CSR program, you can expand your company’s impact beyond your home state or national boundaries to include countries in which you do business and your employees live.

Naturally, expanding your programs internationally unfolds a plethora of challenges including: vetting international NGOs, disbursing funds, and complying with national laws. You aren’t alone if you haven’t determined how to plow through the murky waters of global CSR. According to the 2013 Giving Beyond Borders study, 50% of corporations indicated a need for vetting services. Furthermore, 46% indicated a need for a global employee engagement strategy. In order for your programs to prove successful, you must demonstrate the business value of your philanthropic donations. Furthermore, protecting your brand is crucial when donating to nonprofit organizations in the deepest, darkest corners of the world.

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