GDG Acquires Intellectual Property

Today, we completed the acquisition of LLC’s intellectual property and technology. This is a very exciting move for us, as we’ve been working for some time now on developing a plan that would give us better giving tools to serve our CSR clients and their employees. The IP gives us a solid technological foundation to build upon for our next generation of giving tools.

The top features of the platform are:

  • Searchable database of all nonprofits with the ability for nonprofits to claim their profile and update their information
  • Online donation processing
  • Individual giving accounts where donors can plan and manage their giving

BCorpCircleAs part of the agreement with, we’re also assuming responsibility for the Foundation, which is a donor advised fund. This is a big deal. It means that not only are we a B Corporation, we are now also a for-profit/nonprofit hybrid organization. By taking this step, we are furthering the legal institution of being a purpose driven organization that does good by doing great.

We are changing the Foundation’s name to DonateWell, and we’re going to refocus its mission on partnering with innovative technology companies that support giving and nonprofits to maximize the flow of capital to social and environmental causes. Taking in donations and disbursing funds has been a great need for us, and we know that other technology companies have this need as well. And so, as we had done in the past with Grantr and 4Good, we’re again opening up our work for others to benefit as well.

We have a ton of amazing plans for what we’re going to do with our new technology platform, and we’re looking forward to all the new releases that are coming in 2015.