GDG’s First Reseller Partnership

In 2013, we made the strategic decision to expand on our software for foundations and corporate giving programs and to develop solutions for workplace giving and volunteering. It seemed the natural extension to the work we were doing for the institutional giving programs of our Fortune 500 clients. By mid 2014, we started realizing that it was through CSR that we had the greatest opportunity to inspire the most meaningful impact.

As a B Corporation, impact is very important to us. As a technology business, focus is very important to us as well. Putting those two together, we decided that if we were going to focus on the part of our business that was going to have the greatest impact – CSR, we needed to find the best way to serve the very important work of our non-corporate clients.

And that’s why I’m so excited about our very first reseller, Jungle Lasers. They are a group of dedicated geeks with extensive experience in implementing complex software solutions for government entities, foundations, and nonprofits. With Jungle Lasers as a Good Done Great reseller, our foundation and governmental clients will have an experienced technology organization dedicated to their success.

What this means for GDG is that our software will continue to serve the meaningful work of our non-corporate clients and we’ll be able to focus all our attention on the impactful work we’re doing in corporate social responsibility.