Good Done Great Hits the Big Screen with Silicon Harbor Reality

Silicon Valley, Boston, Austin,… Charleston?  Yes, that’s right, GDG’s HQ of Charleston, SC is climbing the ranks as a buzzing city for tech.

How about these facts..

Top 10 fastest-growing software development region in the United States

– Top 10 fastest-growing mid-size metro for computer hardware engineers (#1), computer research scientists (#2), statisticians (#3), computer operators (#3) computer operators (#3), graphic designers (#5), computer programmers (#8), and electrical engineers (#10)

– Fourth highest per capita concentration in US for computer research scientists

– Seventh highest for computer hardware engineers


In addition to becoming a budding tech haven, over 80 startups are located in Charleston connecting with fellow entrepreneurs through centers like the Harbor Entrepreneur Center.

Daily challenges facing most start-ups include the constant struggle to obtain resources, money, and talent. A little motivation and support can go a long way, and we are excited about our upcoming presence on the Silicon Harbor Reality Show which will showcase Charleston as a budding city with individuals who are inspired, engaged, and driven.

For those head-banging, frustrated moments to those moments of pure joy and satisfaction, we join the likes of Vaga and other start-ups who hope to offer inspiration and motivation to all those future innovators out there while showcasing the city that we call home.

Stay tuned for more details!