Good Done Great releases new CSR platform for SMBs

Today we’re super-excited to announce Good Done Great’s release of our new Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) platform, designed specifically for the country’s nearly 30 million small to mid-sized business (SMB) population. You can read our official release here.

Not only do these companies represent the life’s blood of the nation’s economic engine, their owners and employees already provide a variety of support – donations, goods and services, and volunteer hours  – to countless community (and global) charities.

Our new SMB platform is designed to help these companies create innovative new giving programs and, just as important, track, record, and report on the results of those efforts. This is important because as most of our readers (and all of our enterprise clients) know, CSR is the new ‘killer app’ for brands eager to do their part for a worthy cause as well as to stand apart from the crowd.

“Research consistently shows that when it comes to socially responsible brands, consumers want to buy from them, the best and brightest want to work for them, the markets want to invest in them, and local governments want them to set up shop in their communities,” notes our CEO and founder, David Barach. “With our new CSR solution for SMBs, millions of SMBs at last will be able to reap those same benefits – benefits which, until now, were only available to the CSR programs of the Fortune 500.”

Details of the SMB Giving Platform

Our new SMB platform scales in functionality depending on the size of the company and its CSR aspirations. For small businesses (up to 100 employees), the platform costs just $29/month. For mid-sized companies (up to 5,000 employees), the cost is $299/month.  Features include:

  • Ability to easily set up a variety of giving programs, including campaigns around employee-chosen causes, disaster response, and matching gifts
  • PayDay GivingTM
  • Employee rewards of charitable gift cards
  • UN Sustainable Development Goals alignment
  • Giving history and tax-deductible reporting

SMBs can learn more about the offering or sign up for a free 30-day trial here, and any employee can volunteer to serve as the company’s CSR administrator. All donations are processed by DonateWell, a national Donor Advised Fund (DAF), and disbursed directly into the designated charity’s bank account.