Revolutionary Philanthropy

Dear GDG Team,

Today at 10am the Confederate battle flag will be taken down from flying in front of the South Carolina statehouse in Columbia. This is a good day for equality and an important day for South Carolina. As a purpose driven company and a South Carolina B Corp, we are proud to see this symbol moved to where it belongs – into history.

But let’s remember that the flag is only a symbol and sadly, the discrimination that the flag has represented still exists; not only in South Carolina and in the US, and not only along racial lines, but religious, immigration status, sexual and many, many others. The reduced prominence of a symbol doesn’t solve the problem, but it’s a good first step. There’s more work to do.

Discrimination stems from ignorance. Ignorance comes from a lack of education and opportunity, something that is widespread among the poor. I believe that fixing poverty is the best way to do away with hateful divisions. To fix poverty government has more work to do. Business has more work to do, and so does philanthropy.

So let us recommit ourselves to our mission of inspiring revolutionary philanthropy and let’s have our mission take on a new meaning when we use the word, revolutionary. Let’s not just change the way people give, but let’s help them understand why. We can make a difference with the work that we do and we can take this day, this symbolic day, as a moment to reflect on the possibilities and opportunities before us and decide to have an impact.

David Barach, CEO

Good Done Great