Good Done Great & The Rise Of B Corporations

By the time I co-founded Good Done Great, I had already seen my share of poverty. I’d spent my formative years in Thailand with a father who was an Air Force pilot-turned missionary and a mother who was an early social good entrepreneur. As my father tended to the spiritual needs of the congregation, my mother spent her time providing job skills and entrepreneurial mentoring to a thriving cottage industry. I witnessed first hand how this type of support complemented and often exceeded the impact that the church could achieve through utilizing contributions from their members. What started out as her little business soon prospered, and the money often-times became the main source of income for our family. It was then that I realized how critical business engagement was to solving many of the world’s greatest social and environmental challenges.

I returned to the United States after high school, attended college, and then later completed a masters degree in international business studies. I held the expected jobs in the corporate world with expanding responsibility and challenges and yet found myself increasingly anxious to do something with greater social impact.

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Good Done Great’s Largest CSR Project 4Good Launches!


The day has come, and we couldn’t be more excited! has launched, and we’re so proud to have it become its own company. Here’s a little history:

Good Done Great acquired IdeaEncore Network, Nonprofit Webinars, and Nonprofit Direct during 2011 and 2012 as our very own Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project. We wanted to volunteer our crazy Internet skills on projects that were not sustainable from a financial perspective but massively useful to the nonprofit sector. So useful in fact, that when we surveyed the users and tallied up the results, we found that our little projects were creating $17 million dollars in value to the nonprofit sector in money saved by using shared resources or gained in new skills.


Seeing this kind of success only energized us more. We decided to double down on a new development effort to combine the three sites into one new one with better tools, more resources, and new social components to put more nonprofit professionals in touch with their colleagues who can help them. We needed the best engineer we know to take on this effort and partner with us, so we asked our extremely talented colleague and friend Joe to join us in this effort, and that’s how 4Good was born! In all, we put more than $300,000 of volunteer time and cold hard cash into 4Good, and it shows!

4Good is by far Good Done Great’s most ambitious and successful CSR project and we are so proud of all the hard work our team has put into it. It’s now live, independent, and looking great. Check it out!

UPDATE: July 1, 2014
4Good has been running as an independent company now for six months, and David and Earl are ready to step down from 4Good in order to focus exclusively on Good Done Great. 4Good is now in the capable hands of its architect and leader, Joe Ridgway.