A Good Done Great Personal Story: It tastes better with Spinach

I recently traveled out to Good Done Great’s Tacoma, WA office, just south of Seattle. Just a few months into my new role as the VP of Technology Services, my goal was to get to know my West Coast team as our fast-growing company is becoming an industry leader in Corporate Social Responsibility software for large corporations (think Fortune 500 and 1000 companies).

On the way back, I was able to connect in the Atlanta airport in-between flights with our VP of Strategic Partnerships, Christina Bowen (who just so happened to be on en route to meet with an incredibly large credit card provider in DC that will remain nameless). Christina, based in our Denver, CO office, and I were so excited to be able to catch up. What are the odds we would have a layover at the same time in the same place?! We headed up to the Gordon Biersch brewery in Concourse A, with only 32 minutes before boarding started for our flights. We sat down, hoping we could get quick service. Sadly, I had to ask hostess for a server after waiting 10 minutes. As the clock ticked down, only 22 minutes left, the server came by and took our order. When a few minutes passed by and we didn’t have our waters, I started to wonder what was going on. 17 minutes left. Our server came by to tell us that their computer systems were down, they weren’t able to take any orders and recommended we find another place to eat. We just about died laughing at the entire experience, considering both of us are in the business to ensure our own client’s success.

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