We’re Moving On Up (Again!)

After the accumulation of two senior staffers and our initial funding, GDG quickly outgrew our Marina Drive location, and headed to… a church?

Yes, that’s right.

Good Done Great’s Charleston headquarters relocated to a former church building on the Upper Peninsula of Charleston. Located beside the Rutledge Cab Company (a popular lunch spot with locals), the new location offers an open-office/collaborative work environment in the budding Silicon Harbor tech community.

If you stop by our HQ on any given day, you may find our team of software implementers and account managers playing a quick game of ping-pong in the great room or collaborating outside on GDG-blue picnic tables.

One of our first office shindigs in our new location was a fiesta hosted by the Sales & Marketing team with homemade steak fajitas, chips & salsa, competitive cornhole, and a rolling stream of the NCAA basketball tournament.

Prior to our moving-in, internal chatter at GDG surrounded the most creative way to utilize the baptistry. Ball pen? Puppy tank? We didn’t arrive at a succinct conclusion; however, the piece remains quite the talking point with visitors and passersby.

If you didn’t know… we’re strong believers in empowerment, and we’ve found that providing our employees with the opportunity to give feedback surrounding their needs in an office-space increases overall happiness, well-being, and employee engagement.

Now that we’re settled in, we’re ready to see what we will accomplish during our time at Rutledge Ave!

GDG Office